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Life and Self Coaching

  • Self coaching
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Harmonious life
  • Stress treatment
  • Psychological tests
  • Individual development
  • Divorce Mentoring
  • Relationship issues

Business Coaching

  • Efficiency
  • Work-life balance
  • Communication development
  • Individual development
  • Team efficiency
  • Leadership development
  • Self coaching
  • Stress treatment

Weightlessness Program

  • Specially about weight loss
  • Practical methods
  • Addictions and overeating
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • You are coaching
  • A lasting result
  • Quick change
  • Behavior Psychology


I teach trainings and workshops in English and Hungarian for companies and managers  with many practical tools. Here's a little taste of the themes:


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I believe we were born to learn how to ENJOY LIFE. I have mastered the methods and I'm able to achieve this in my own life. Not only do I talk about it, I also live the continuous CHANGE, DEVELOPMENT, and the LOVE OF LIFE. In my entire life my aim was to reach the highest level of EQ. I believe that with sophisticated control, management and proper thinking of emotions, we can achieve significant and decisive changes in every aspect in our lifes, in our relationships, in our work, and even in our weight.

Self-knowledge, determination, and clarity are important to CHANGE our thoughts and thus our lives.



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