Business coaching & Soft skill trainings

I have spent many years building branding for multinational companies, so I am aware of the challenges that professionals face day by day.

I have training and coaching tools that can easily help leaders and their teams get through their stall. My main field of expertise is employer branding as it is the closest to branding, which is my original profession. But I am very enthusiastic about using Gestalt, Transaction Analysis, Solution Focus, MBTI tests, Mindfulness and Self Coaching ... as well, as BST and soft skills training in my business coaching. I improve my clients' personal efficiency, problem-solving, stress-tolerance, and EQ; by defining priorities, visions and goals and using decision-making methodologies. 

I consider it important to promote assertive communication in a workplace and to develop individual and social competences. But most of the work comes after many years of experience becoming a truly effective, good leader who knows how much success his/her team receives. I can facilitate this support with my international communications, team development and leadership experience over the past 15 years. 

I gained leadership experience in joint projects with large multinational companies with a strong emphasis on training and personal development:

Not only in large companies, but also in startup businesses, I utalize everything I believe in. It's amazing to see a company that has come together to brainstorm, develop into an unstoppable, successful team. In my work, I use a complex creative system that combines classical methods with individuals' intuitions so that teams build on the talent of individuals to succeed with the methodes of: self coaching techniques, EQ tests, creative profiles, heuristics, Triz, irrational and lateral thinking, psycho drama and socio-drama. 

Soft Skill Trainings:


Leadership skills

Negotiation skills

Assertive communication

Communications skills

Public speaking / Presentations skills

Decision making

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