I always teach my clients a simple method of self coaching, so help is always on hand! You create a space for yourself where you see yourself in the problematic situation as an outside observer. Everything from this space is much clearer. It is a bit more true as well, because let's confess, we are often blinded, biased with ourselves. During my coaching, the principles of neuroplasticity and my own holistic system help focus the process and build a logical path:

1)   SELF-KNOLEDGE is very important if you want to make a CHANGE. A healthy psychological state and a BALANCED SOUL is a prerequisite for development. To do this, a strong foundation is established for the personality and psychological determinants that provide a logical foundation for our further work.

2) VISUALITY creates a special, discreet atmosphere during coaching. Techniques that integrate images also activate intuition, association, and creative thinking, and quickly unravel the unconscious minds. This way, we can settle our thoughts and help dissolve emotional barriers, which contributes to EFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT.

3) DECISIONS define, influence our daily lives, they are the most important areas of our lives, our relationships, our development. With them and because of them, can we go FORWARD, and reach OUR OBJECTIVES. Choosing and applying the right decision making tool is essential in coaching. This way, we can measure situations in their entirety, and then we can start with a completely new SOLUTION.


Think holistically:
Most often we want to change a story that disturbs us in our lives. These are our personal stories, which we unfortunately cannot transcribe. However, we can influence our PSYCHIC, PHYSICAL and MENTAL attitude! This easily facilitates the desired change in our story. 

A 3 DIMENSIONAL HISTORICAL COACHING MODEL helps our work that affects the body, mind, and soul. With the help of this model we can easily change, develop and achieve the desired result.


We can only change successfully if we change ourselves and change our thoughts. It is not necessary to change our circumstances to make us feel better. And if we try to change other people, it will definitely not be a lasting result. On the basis of my clients' feedback, we can achieve rapid and lasting change with the help of our own coaching model let the problem be a relationship, workplace, physical or psychological issue...

How many times have you been dieting in your life?
How many times did you start a diet?
How many times did the cast pounds come back?
How many times have you tortured yourself in the gym in vain?

There's something different about diets: 

Don't count calories!
You can do more than you think!