Life Coaching

I always teach my clients a simple way to coach themselves, so help is always on hand! You create a space for yourself as an outsider to see yourself in a problematic situation. From this space everything else and everything can be seen more clearly. It's a bit more true because we admit we are often blind, biased with ourselves. During my coaching, the principles of neuroplasticity and a holistic system of my own help me focus on the process and logically build our path to development:

1)     SELFKNOWLEDGE is very important if you want to make a difference in your life. A healthy psychological state and a BALANCED SOUL are prerequisites for development. The accepted personality and soul-type methods provide strong foundation for this with enough LOGIC as a basis for our future work. 

2)     VISUALITY creates a special, abstract atmosphere during coaching. Techniques that integrate images activate intuitive, associative, and creative thinking, and quickly uncover the HIDDEN OBSTACLES. In this way, we can organize our thoughts and help to resolve emotional blocks, which contributes to FLUENT DEVELOPMENT.

3)       DECISIONS we bring determine and influence our daily lives and the most important areas of our lives: our relationships and our development. Through them and for their sake, we can move forward and achieve our goals. Choosing and applying the right DECISION THEORY is essential in coaching. This way we can really assess the situation and then move towards a whole new SOLUTION. 


With the help of the latest method, NEUROPLASTICITY:

Most often, we want to change a story that most disturbs us at this point in our lives. These are our personal stories that we unfortunately can't rewrite. However, we can influence our psychic, physical and mental attitudes! This easily facilitates the desired change in our story!


This most recent science supports the ablility to change and develop the best!

Neuroplasticity helps our coaching work, which affects the body, mind and soul. With this model, we can easily change, evolve and achieve the desired results in our life.


We can make a difference only if we change ourselves and change our thoughts. It is not necessary to change the circumstances in order to feel good. If we try to change other people, the end result may not be lasting. Based on the feedback from my clients, let it be relationship, workplace, physical, or psychological issues, my coaching model has enabled us to make rapid and lasting changes.