I believe we were born to learn how to ENJOY LIFE. I have mastered the methods and I'm able to achieve this in my own life. Not only do I talk about it, I also live the continuous CHANGE, DEVELOPMENT, and the LOVE OF LIFE. In my entire life my aim was to reach the highest level of EQ. I believe that with sophisticated control, management and proper thinking of emotions, we can achieve significant and decisive changes in every aspect in our lifes, in our relationships, in our work, and even in our weight.

Self-knowledge, determination, and clarity are important to CHANGE our thoughts and thus our lives.

As part of the collaboration between the MMS Wordwide Institute and the Coaching Borderless Coach School, I conducted an ICF accredited international coach exam with Chérie Carter-Scott's Ph.D. MCC and Judit Abri von Bartheld's MCC. I spent more than 15 years in business before. Building on this experience, I use coaching, mentoring and training methods that deliver significant results and success in individual and group coaching.

I have gained leadership experience in joint projects of multinational large companies with a strong emphasis on SOFT SKILL TRAINING and individual training. I use a COMPLEX CREATIVE SYSTEM that combines classical methods with the intuitions of individuals, so that workgroups succeed in building on the talents of individuals.

I have been working intensively on my own internal development for 10 years, during which I have studied a number of methods, but none provided the breakthrough I wanted. That is why I have developed my own HOLISTICS system, which achieves significant results and is very effective. My goal is to make my clients THINK DIFFERENTLY about their world, trust themselves, and believe that they are capable of change and renewal. They can easily reach their goals. My specialty is to pass on SELF COACHING technique so that everyone can find the best solutions in any area of ​​life.

I use my holistic method successfully in the field of weight loss and weight retention. In this topic, several leading international coaches, professional psychologists, therapists, coaches, dieticians and university researchers have been inspired by their scientific work and results. Based on these, I have developed my unique "WEIGHTLESSNESS" program based on powerful BEHAVIOR PSYCHOLOGY techniques that help you make the right decisions, make changes while promising QUICK AND LASTING results.