Life and Self Coaching

Life coaching is a one-to-one conversation if needed several times when we focus only on you. It can help you to make your relationship better, to CHANGE in any area of your life, where you feel stucked or you always punch out the same: if you want to do something else, look for your way, come up with new challenges, be it your career, your family, your couple, your parents or your children. If you are looking for your LIVING VALUE (from any point of view), my holistic method can help you! I teach all of my clients to SELF COACHING technique that you can use to solve any difficulties you may encounter later.

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One-On-One Weight Loss Coaching

Individual coaching in 1 hour if needed several times when we focus only on you. I help you lose weight and keep your ideal weight, I teach you to think about food differently. What we believe, think, and how we behave in some situations has a great influence on our results. For long-lasting weight loss, you should first take care of your MIND. How many times have you been dieting in your lifetime, how many times have you been on weight loss? If the answer is many times, but you are still thinking about the idea or you are always struggling with something, then this is for you. There might be a wong BELIEFE or EATING DISORDER in the background you wouldn't think of, or rejecting your presence for emotional reasons. We find out the REASONS and the SOLUTIONS by Self Coaching and with a COMPLEX SYSTEM to help you lose weight.

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Rapid "Weightlessness" Workshop

A fast and massive 2-hour training for groups and groups of friends with a minimum of 3 people. I teach you the methods that you can use to identify negative beliefs that cause your problems, behavior patterns, and eating disorders in your life. I will provide you the techniques and tools you can use to instantly eliminate your emotional attachments associated with food. How do you overeat yourself, how do you notice when your body is signaling that you are full of food, or how do you deal with cravings.... I'll tell you how your body lab works and how SELF COACHING helps you lose weight. All of this with FAST and VERY EFFICIENT methods.

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Rapid One-On-One "Weightlessness" Program 

First, you get an INTERACTIVE INDIVIDUAL EXCLUSIVE 2-hour training that will help you discover the ways to identify your negative believes in weight loss, behavioral patterns, and eating disorders. Why do you eat too much and notice when your body indicates that it is full. I'll tell you how your body lab works and how SELF COACHING helps you lose weight. In the following, I will put in your hands techniques and tools that will immediately release your emotional attachments associated with food, and even eliminate food cravings. In the following 2-hour coaching conversation, we will deal with your individual case and develop an accurate PLAN for you to reach and retain your desired weight. All this with ONE DAY, thanks to fast and efficient methods.

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Differenly about weight loss

This program is based on powerful behavioral psychological techniques that help you make the desired decisions, implement changes while promising quick and lasting results.

Neuroplasticity - Psychology - Self-Coaching - Holistic Techniques - Proven Methods - Tailor Made Plans


  • The power of our mind. How does our thinking and behavior affect weight loss? Our emotional attachment to food. Why isn't will power enough?
  • Neuroplasticity for weight loss. How not to overeat yourself? About hunger. Everything about weight loss - differently! How does your body lab work? Food Pyramid.
  • How does self-coaching work and how does it help you lose weight? Powerful tools for weight loss. Tips and steps. How not to crave for sugar / carbohydrate ...? Tools and alternatives in practice.

Don't just count calories! You can do more than you think!