About weight loss but differently!

I also used to be a sugar addict myself. I successfully overcame it and lost 7 kg-s.

  • 95% of people consider diets ineffective
  • 88% have eating and weight problems or have a negative body image
  • Most of them are emotionally connected to food and do not even know it
  • Millions struggle day by day with their weight, energy levels, sleep, patience, health and general well-being issues

Many of us belong to the above categories, I fully understand your situation. That is why I have developed the "Weightlessness Program" to help you as a holistic coach. My principle is that our lives and results are not influenced by our circumstances, but by what we believe and what we think about it and how we behave in certain situations. Starting a diet or starting to work out is very difficult. It's even harder to keep up. I know exactly what is blocking us, and I also know how to solve it! 

How many times have you been dieting in your life? 
Still worried about it? There's something else besides diets:
Don't count calories! You can do more than you think:

With neuroplasticity for weight loss!

The weight coaching I follow is in line with my holistic coaching model. I provide a very effective toolbox for everybody struggling with their weight and emotional eating. You can easily master my techniques and use them to achieve your desired body weight. In addition, you can apply it in any area of life, making you more balanced, confident, healthier, and happier. What more could you want? Forget the usual New Year's resolutions, change your life so that it can last a lifetime! 

I help you loose weight and addictions to food
and also keep your ideal weight for a lifetime!

The scientific parts of my individual and group programs are based on research from -among others- the world famous Harvard University, the renowned London Health and Sciences Academy, and the University of Cambridge. 

Loose weight in a smart way, and the result will be permanent!

The "Weightlessness Program" combines the most advanced theories and recent research in neuroplasticity and brain research, that investigates the brain's changing and renewable capabilities. This is important for weight loss and addictions because we are talking about not only body changes but also mental and psychological processes. My goal is to learn out from behaviors that negatively affect your relationship with food, and your eating habits. With the help of neuroplasticity, you acquire new positive behaviors that you can keep for the rest of your life. 

With the help of this theory already millions of people around the world have successfully lost weight and overcame addictions. It has been proven itself for more than 30 years, let the need be about any diet or exercise program, without self-indulgence, without even the willpower. 

Get in shape physically, mentally and spiritually!

We go ahead and find the answers to these questions:

  • Why can't you keep your ideal weight after a diet?
  • Why is willpower not enough?
  • What can you do for yourself every day?
  • How do you make your eating decisions?
  • How does our bodie's laboratory work?
  • How does your thinking determine your weight loss intention?
  • What is self coaching and how does it help?
  • Why do we need to clean up minds and how do we start?
  • How do you stop your hunger?
  • Which overeating type do you belong to and how does this determine your everyday life?
  • How not to overeat yourself and stop your craving for food?
  • How do you make sure you don't want sugar / carbs ... and don't have to resist them?
  • Which foods are your best friends and your enemies if you want to lose weight?
  • There are so many different information, which one should we believe ...

Everyone's body works differently. Everyone is motivated by something different, our emotional attachments and energy levels are also different. My method follows individual needs and expectations. Believe in any weight loss method, here is no good or bad, no mandatory diet, no pills, no nutritional supplements, no mandatory workout plan! But to be healthy physically, we need to get in shape mentally, as well, as psychically, because these things only work together! I teach you to think differently about meals, food, and your body, because this way you never have to worry about the yoyo effect again.

Just give it a go!

They succeeded:

"I participated in the Weightlessness Program. Ági said information I have never heard about, even though everywhere people and experts speak about healthy lifestyle nowadays. I lost 18 kg in 1 year and my life has changed completely. ... and I have kept my weight ever since !!!  Thanks Agi" Eve 56

"Agi's Weightlessness Program is truly unique. It's very effective and the best is that you don't have to follow any kind of forced diet. I'm not a fitness freak, I just ride my bike sometimes and I still managed to lose 9 kg! This is the program for everyone who wants to get rid of their extra weitht wisely and effectively. " Judit is 35 

"I tried lots of diets in the past and had lost weight several times. But the problem was that after few months the weight I lost came all back. I finally found a method that really worked for me and helped me make a conscious change. Ági's toolbar was inexhaustible, she always came up with a new idea to deal with my problems. I am very grateful to her! " Kriszti 38

"Some people live their entire lives by inheriting a tendency from their family to gain weight and be a certain bodyshape. Well, I didn't want to believe that I have to live my whole life being overweight! I researced and found Agi's method that worked. She thought me how our brain works and how to play out our own mind. It was not that usual pill you have to take and don't even know what's in it... The program was very exciting and helped me not only with my weight but since then I see the world differently. Everything seems easier and simpler. I lost 15 kg and  I feel great in my skin! " Anna 27

"As a man, it's hard to fit into a weight loss program, so I chose coaching. Ági kept my situation in mind and explained the essence of weight loss to me in a completely sympathetic and understandable way. Not only did I achieve my target weight, but I no longer feel pain during my daily workout. I can now take my passion for sports without limitations and I am fully confident that I will no longer gain the weight back, because now I have the knowledge of keeping the weight down without any sacrifice. " Zoltán 42

"Over the age of 40 my body was completely transformed, my metabolism slowed down, I couldn't lose any more weight in a couple of weeks, and I felt stubbornly stuck. Even if I lost 1-2 kg bitterly after few weeks new ones came up to my body again. I didn't understand what happens to me, so I turned to Agi, who had achieved a breakthrough in weight coaching and had seen the change after 4 times of coaching sessions. I can now control my body!" Kati 44

If they could make it... 
                                 ... what are you waiting for?

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Weight loss differently

This program is based on powerful behavioral psychological techniques that help you make the decisions you want, make changes while promising quick and lasting results.

Neuroplasticity - Psychology - Self-coaching - Holistic Techniques - Proven Methods - Tailor made for individuals

Some of the topics:

  • The power of our mind. How do our thinking and behavior affect weight loss? Our emotional attachment to food. Why isn't willpower enough?
  • With NEUROPLASTICITY for weight loss. How not to overeat yourself? About hunger. Everything about losing weight - differently! How does the laboratory of your body work? The updated food pyramid.
  • How does self-coaching work and help you lose weight? Effective tools for losing weight. Tips and next steps. How can you eliminate craving sugar / carbs ...? Tools and alternatives in practice.

Don't just count calories!
You can do more than you think!


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