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  • 95% of people consider diets ineffective
  • 88% have eating and weight problems, or have a negative body image
  • Most of them are emotionally connected to food, and they don't even know about it
  • Millions struggle day by day for their weight, energy levels, sleep, patience, health and overall well-being

Many of us belong to the above categories, I fully understand your situation. That's why I developed my "Weightlessness" Program to help you as a holistic coach. My basic principle is that our lives and results are not influenced by our circumstances, but by what we believe and what we think about and how we behave in some situations, the rest are just fairy tale foam. Getting into a diet or getting started moving is very difficult. Sticking to it even harder. I know exactly what prevents us, I also know how to solve it!

How many times have you been dieting in your life? Still thinking about it? There's something different about diets: Don't count calories! You can do more than you think:

My weight coaching follows my holistic coaching model. I provide a very effective toolbox for all those who fight against the kilos and against emotional eating. You can easily learn my methods and, with their continuous use, reach your desired weight. In addition, you can use it in any area of life, so you will be more balanced, confident, healthier and happier. What else would you like? Forget the regular New Year pledges, change your life, making it a lifetime!

The scientific parts of my individual and group programs have been compiled based, among others, on research by the famous Harvard University and the renowned Health and Sciences Academy in London and the University of Cambridge.

The "Weightlessness" Program combines the most up-to-date theories and recent research on neuroplasticity and brain research, dealing with the changing and renewing ability of the brain. This is important for weight loss, because here we are not only talking about physical but also psychological and psychological processes. My goal is to help you learn out from your behavioral patterns that negatively affect your relationship with food, your eating habits. With the help of neuroplasticity, you acquire new positive behaviors.

The method that is the base of my program helped millions of people loose weight successfully and have been proven over the last 30 years without any self-harm, with no willpower.

  • Why can't you keep your weight off?
  • Why is willpower not enough?
  • What can you do for yourself every day?
  • How do you make your eating decisions?
  • How does your body work?
  • How does your thinking determine your intention to lose weight?
  • What is Self-coaching and how can it help you?
  • Why do we need to put order in our thoughts and how do we get to it?
  • Which overeating type do you belong to and how do you define your everyday life?
  • How not to overeat yourself and stop the cravings for food?
  • How do you stop your hunger?
  • How can you stop wanting sugar / carbohydrate... and don't have to resist them?
  • Which foods are your best friends and what are your enemies if you want to lose weight?
  • Who we should believe, there are so much different information ...

Everybody is different and every body works differently. Everyone is motivated, emotional attachments, energy levels are different. My method follows individual needs and expectations. Believe in any of the weight loss methods, here's no good or bad, no diet, no need for pills, nutritional supplements, or a mandatory workout plan! However, to live a physically healty life, we have to form ourselves spiritually and mentally, because these 3 things only work together! I teach you to think differently about meals, food and about your body, because if build you weight loss on a good foundation, you will never have to worry about gaining it back.

They succeeded:

"I participated in the Weightlessness Program. Ági told me information I had never heard of, although everywhere they speak about a healthy lifestyle. I lost 18 kg in 1 year and my life changed completely. I would like to thank you for this method because it wouldn't have been possible without it.!!!" Éva 56 years old

"The program is truly unique. It is very effective and the best is that you don't have to follow any restrictive diet. I'm not a fitness crazy, just doing indoor bikinig and still getting rid of and permanently keep off 9 kilograms! I highly recommend Ági and her coaching program to anyone who wants to get rid of their extra pounds wisely and effectively." Judit 35 years old

"Previously, I tried many diets and lost weight very often. The only problem was that after half a year  or one the weight always came back. I have found a really working method that can help in conscious change. Ági's toolbar is endless, she can always find out something surprising, a new twist. I am very grateful to her!" Kriszti 38 years old

"Van aki az egész életét úgy éli le, hogy örökölte a hízásra való hajlamot, vagy ilyen alkat és beletörődik. Hát én nem! Addig kutattam, amíg rátaláltam a Súlytalanság Programra és nagyon meglepett, mert nem a szokásos pirula, amiről azt sem tudom milyen összetevő van benne, hanem egy olyan módszer, ami az agyunk működését veszi alapul és megtanít kijátszani a saját tudatunkat. Nagyon izgalmas folyamat volt és nem csak a súlyommal kapcsolatban segített, hanem azóta teljesen máshogy látom a világot. Minden könnyebb és egyszerűbb. 15 kg-t fogytam és remekül érzem magam a bőrömben!" Anna 27 years old

"Férfiként nehéz belehelyezkedni egy fogyókúrás programba, ezért választottam a coachingot. Ági mindvégig tekintettel volt a helyzetemre és számomra teljesen szimpatikus és érthető módon magyarázta el a lényeget. Ennek fényében és 2 alkalom súly coachingnak köszönhetően nemcsak elértem a célsúlyomat, de a térdeim is felszabadultak, így már nem terhelem a napi edzés során a túlsúllyal. A sport iránt érzett szenvedélyemet most gátlástalanul kiélhetem és teljesen magabiztos vagyok, hogy többé nem hozom magam és a térdeimet ilyen szorult helyzetbe." Zoltán 42 years old

"40 éves kor felett teljesen átalakult a testem, az anyagcserém lelassult, már nem tudtam pár hét alatt leadni a felesleges kilókat, sőt egyre újabbak maradtak rajtam és makacsul ragaszkodtak, nem tágítottak. Csak 5-6 kilótól akartam megszabadulni, de sehogy sem ment. 1-2 keservesen lement aztán újabbak jöttek a helyére. Nem értettem mi történt velem, aki mindig könnyen tudtam tartani a súlyomat. Végső elkeseredésemben fordultam Ágihoz, aki a súly coaching-al áttörést ért el és már 4 alkalom után látható volt a változás. Azóta tudom szabályozni a testem és 40+ év ide vagy oda újra én kontrollálom a testem, nem az engem...." Kati 44 years old

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Differenly about weight loss

This program is based on powerful behavioral psychological techniques that help you make the desired decisions, implement changes while promising quick and lasting results.

Neuroplasticity - Psychology - Self-Coaching - Holistic Techniques - Proven Methods - Tailor Made Plans


  • The power of our mind. How does our thinking and behavior affect weight loss? Our emotional attachment to food. Why isn't will power enough?
  • Neuroplasticity for weight loss. How not to overeat yourself? About hunger. Everything about weight loss - differently! How does your body lab work? Food Pyramid.
  • How does self-coaching work and how does it help you lose weight? Powerful tools for weight loss. Tips and steps. How not to crave for sugar / carbohydrate ...? Tools and alternatives in practice.

Don't just count calories! You can do more than you think! 


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